CHRISTMAS: - The Festival of creating happy memories with family and friends. Which is always a part of celebration with staff and management at Hotel Skylon Ahmedabad. It feels like family celebration. Involvement of each staff member with senior management is like connecting every one so nicely. It gives a break and very cheerful time. So Christmas is not only a festival for Hotel Skylon Ahmedabad but it is also enhance the bonding Refreshing our self, sharing love and happiness among between Hotel Skylon staff member and management and with Guest as well. We love to invite our Guest in these days or to welcome all the Guest coming on Christmas. To share all these beautiful moment with us and also to celebrate magnificent New Year. Even the Guest who are associated with Hotel Skylon Ahmedabad eagerly waiting to see the newly decorated ambience and recall their old memories. Management always understand and appreciate the enthusiasm of staff to celebrate this occasion. It gives them an energy and a kind of great bonding. Also we found it helps to take out the creativity and abilities of every one. Seeing them working all to gather is a unique experience and moment too. This might be the best time for the organization to see all of them to gather on one floor working to gather very happily. We must never forget to thank all of theme for their fantastic involvement and great love. We never feel it as an organisation but it is like a family function for us and we hope every year we celebrate this occasion with same spirit and together ness with every staff members and we wish for their future progress in their life. For all our friends may this Christmas end The Present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.