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Book Best Hotels near Kite Festival in Ahmedabad to Enjoy Vibrant Uttarayan

In India, there are several states and cities attract thousands of visitors’ everyday. Ahmedabad is one of the popularly growing cities in the western part of the country in Gujarat state. Today, it is known as a commercial hub of the state that provides opportunity for many small and large sized businesses to establish successfully. The city is also popular for celebration of different festivals. Starting from January to December, the people of this flourishing city enjoy their life with full of fun without any demarcation of religions. Either it becomes a festival of Hindus or Muslims or Christians or others, they do not miss any single opportunity of celebration. From Mother’s Day to Valentine Day, or Diwali to Christmas, people of Ahmedabad believe in making fun with their friends and family.

The city fabulously celebrates various festivals in which Kite festival is the most popular festival celebrated by people of all age groups and religions. The state government makes special arrangement for the celebration of ‘Vibrant Uttarayan’ [Kite festival is known as Uttarayan in Gujarat State] in which they invite expert participants for kite flying from different countries all over the world. During this festival, people from all over the world visit the city to attend this colorful event.

The tourists prefer the hotels near railway station in Ahmadabad. Hotel SKYLON is nearby Sabarmati Riverfront in which the International Kite festival organizes every year. The hotel is capable to serve the best hospitality to its domestic as well as international tourists. Equipped with the most modern amenities, the hotel is renowned for its superior services, highly cooperative and well-mannered staff. The key advantage of this hotel is that it is situated at the bank of the river Sabarmati, a hub of the city. It makes tourists ease to visit the east or west side of the city more conveniently without investing more time and money for travel.

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During kite festival, people stay on the terrace of their home whole the day to fly kites. It is a two day festival in which people fly kites at day time while at night they fly lighting balloons [known as Tukul]. The sky of the city looks like millions of stars sparkling together. If you will plan to visit Ahmedabad, do not miss to celebrate ‘Uttarayan’ as it gives full of entertainment with delicious food like ‘Undhiyu’, ‘Jalebi’ , ‘Fafda’, ‘Chikki’  and many more special Gujarati mouth-watering dishes. With room dining services at Hotel SKYLON, you can enjoy your favorite foods with your friends and family after whole day celebration of Kite festival.

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